Mass uses the only safe blockchain in the world—the Bitcoin Blockchain—for asset circulation.

Mass Coin (MC) is not an altcoin and using it doesn’t require a separate blockchain. Colu provides the asset protocol to “colorize” MC for transactions on the only legitimate Blockchain—Bitcoin.

Mass does NOT create, use, or require yet another useless clone of a useless blockchain

MC transactions happen on THE Blockchain—not a clone, not a forked chain, etc. The Bitcoin Blockchain is all that is required to transact in MC.

Mass solves the actual problem facing the ad industry—the rapid growth of ad-blocking software.

Ad-blocking installs are growing by nearly 50% annually. When compared to other ad-blocking products one can see that Mass is the only one that actually participates on the Real-Time Bidding (RTB) infrastructure. What this means is that Mass works WITH the advertising industry instead of merely shutting them out. Like the others, Mass can be configured to completely shut a user off from the ad-trackers but unlike the others Mass can actually help foster a middle-ground where both parties profit. For a more in-depth comparison, check out this chart. 

One more thing…

Mass attracts fiat money and attention to Blockchain technology—Bitcoin in particular.

The success of Mass will directly contribute to the growing interest in the Blockchain. Advertisers, looking to gain back the attention of the ad-blocker demographic, will be spending fiat to buy Bitcoin to buy Mass Coin! This would be a huge win for crypto-supporters everywhere!


Get involved. Invest in the future of advertising. Buy Mass Coin

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Invest in the future of advertising. Buy Mass Coin

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