Mass Update Feb 25

February 25, 2017

Dear Mass Network software users and coin owners,

As you know, we have recently uploaded both mobile and desktop versions of Mass user application to official Google stores. Our observations of the current state of the adjacent industries in the wider online advertising sense and the competitive landscape in the narrow ad-blocking sense suggest us that the following managerial focus is needed now to maximize the adoption of the system and encourage the coin price growth:

  1. Mid-term, the number of downloads is key. Many important factors depend on that, namely our ability to build long-term corporate partnerships in various countries targeting local markets such as Greater China. We strongly encourage Mass coin owners to spread a word and advise people to install. This will benefit all of us.
  2. Long-term, we seek for optimal options to become a well accepted gear in the RTB (real-time bidding) business framework. This task may include M&A schemes. Let me remind you that Mass coin is an app coin, not an ownership token. Its value is solely derived from its overall turnover of micropayments. All the Mass coin that will ever exist has been issued and it will exist as the lifeblood of our apps, forever. Just as a twenty pound sterling bill does not equal a ticket to the Buckingham Palace, Mass coins do not provide their owners with managerial voting rights, access to proprietary corporate information or even preference in the support department queue. Considering the above, I can not provide you with any preliminary details yet but please trust us we’re doing our best.

Let me express this hope again that the community will help us to gain traction through maximizing the number of downloads. This will surely serve better than building up panic and trying to humiliate our former employees and contractors.


With best regards,

Mass CEO, Alexander Kuzmin

Mass Android Browser  (Expected update next week: +Mandarin & Russian versions, $5 installation bonus)


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  • Eugene C. Avisa

    Any update about Masscoin wallet support by mycelium?

  • I think blockchain revolution will start with mass browser. best of luck team.

  • kylin

    Mycelium has not been updated for a long time

  • kylin

    Still no news

  • What is going on Mass network, no updates.Hoping will start soon than brave concept.

  • Bala Kasaram

    any updates from mass network?

  • Eugene C. Avisa

    Any update ??