Mass is pleased to announce an alpha-release of the Mass plugin prototype for the Google Chrome web browser.

During this open source release we encourage everyone to participate to help generate test usage data and offer suggestions. User feedback at this stage is critical and will help improve functionality as well as guide future enhancements.

The following functionality is implemented at the moment in the alpha-release of the Mass plugin prototype:

  • Main ad-blocking modules: ad requests blocking, html blocks filters, etc.
  • Black and white lists for sites.
  • Minimum viable product of Mass “Ad-scale” (from A to F) whereby a user can choose the level of ads present on sites they browse.
  • A placeholder for Mass Coin wallet (which receives Bitcoin addresses). This will be used to receive payments for viewing ads on Mass Ready websites.

Developers can access the GitHub repository here.

Alpha participants can download, build, and add this extension to their Chrome browser. To do this you have to first enable developer mode in Chromium Extension settings.

For those who want to install a compiled version we will have that available soon via another update. Stay tuned!

Note: Mass recommends using test mode only while evaluating this alpha-release of the Mass plugin prototype.

Thanks to all of your supporters and please share any feedback or thoughts with the development team in the Mass Telegram group or via email:



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  • Eric Fabi Francisco

    please have a web/online wallet too. thanks.