This update is to explain that the recent acquisition of the Mass service operator company has no effect on Mass Coin distribution whatsoever.

The service operator (i.e. the legal entity) was acquired by Mr. Kuzmin but no part of Mass Coin was or will be touched. The service operator of the Mass platform provides a way of materializing the actions of the autonomous blockchain-based financial platform within the legacy world. In the same way that a legal entity manifests its actions through authorized individuals Mass establishes its relationships with other legacy businesses, individuals and official authorities through the at-the-time elected service operator.

The development team has been working for over half a year now using various means of funding (and sometimes working without funding). It’s great news that the team has managed to speed up the development and hire several new members. The service operator does not and will not register any kind of property claims for Mass Coin or open source software modules that the platform will operate on.

Let us emphasize again: the Mass ICO rules did not change. The ICO is not affected in any way by Mr. Kuzmin’s acquisition. Mass Coin does not represent any equity in the service operator company.



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