That Mass is going to be awesome should come as no surprise. The team includes many of the brilliant minds from Colu, Mycelium, and other yet to be announced partners—’nuff said. But, what does it mean to say that Mass “pleases everyone”? Well, the “everyone” here is comprised of three main entities:

  • Advertisers
  • Webmasters
  • Internet users

Ad revenue powers the internet in many regards. The first two entities are highly dependent on users’ attention as a result and are in a bit of a bind about how to deal with the rapidly increasing adoption of ad-blockers. To answer this threat deals have been made with the main players in the business of ad-blocking to lessen the blocking for participating ads.

Have a look at our Mass Browser description page. There you will see an explanation of the features as well as a comparison of Mass and two other ad-blockers. Basically, what separates Mass from these others is its underlying assumption that “blocking ads” is not something inherently valuable in-itself. Ads are how most sites pay their developers, writers, designers, etc. Mass is not “anti-ad”. What we are against is the free-taking of user data and the annoyance of irrelevant ads.

Mass pleases internet users by offering them a better internet surfing experience—less annoyance, more relevance.

Using the Mass Browser or extension will be similar to other ad-blockers you may have used in the past. Turn it on the filter the spam. Where it differs is in the filtering interfaces that will be built-in. You will be able to accept certain ads from certain industries, brands, companies, etc. Mass will rate these ad-producers based on feedback from Mass users. The riff-raff and trashy/spam pushers will get blocked outright but well-designed, interesting ads about relevant topics will make it through. Moreover, you will be paid for your attention and the entire system will benefit as a result.

Mass pleases the ad-industry and website owners by giving them better user-data so that they may place better ads.

This leads to more appropriate targeting which thus increases conversions. Advertisers looking to target certain segments of Mass Browser users will need to bid for attention on the Mass marketplace. They will do this with Mass Coin—the virtual currency that is used to buy attention and sell ads. The industry already does this on the RTB infrastructure. The difference with Mass is that they get better information from Mass Users—who are incentivized by profit to give good feedback about things they like. Feedback informs the providers. They are able to improve their ads and decrease their annoyance

Mass is not the enemy of the industry; rather, it is a great facilitator between the industry and users. Bringing people together is a much better way to solve this issue than simply “blocking” out unwanted information. Mass is a solution, an answer, a way forward.

For more information about how Mass brings an end to ad-blocking problem, please check out our whitepaper.

If you really want to help make Mass a reality get involved and buy Mass Coin.


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