Dear Mass Supporters,

First of all, I would like to thank the Mass team for an excellent job. I am very impressed by the concept as well as the team efforts to make the idea understandable and feasible.

As an investor, it is my moral obligation and intellectual interest to let everyone know about my vision and plans for Mass. Also, you are welcomed to ask questions in the comments section below.

Recently, the Mass team demonstrated pieces of actual software in a number of closed meetings with advisors. I had a chance to make preliminary judgements concerning the quality of the project and its potential. This judgement is what eventually swayed me to propose the acquisition.

I proudly support the concept and the value proposition Mass has made regarding bringing end-users into the online digital economy. Those who know me, know I am a believer in a decentralized, crypto future for the world. But, I am also pragmatic enough to understand that strong central leadership is needed and valued at certain times for certain things. One of these times is now: to provide Mass with a necessary foundation before setting it free to be controlled by market forces.

Let me share some of my suggestions that will be included as upcoming changes to the project:

  • The website will very soon be updated to ensure higher conversion rates for ordinary users who understand the importance of personal data security but don’t know much about online advertisement or cryptocurrencies.
  • Another important update will be a separate website for webmasters explaining the direct benefits of Mass and how to work with Mass.
  • We will add more channels of communication such as groups for Slack, Weibo, Telegram, WeChat and a youtube channel.
  • There also might be some new hires and/or changes to the internal development team and management team is already being created.

On the technical side of things, Mass plugin development is moving swiftly. Over the past few weeks, Mass has received numerous applications from developers from all over the world who seem eager to join the team. This unforeseen, but gladly welcomed turn of events, has resulted in the reinforcement of Mass with new developers, managers, and a much stronger team overall moving forward. It also looks like this influx of manpower has even moved the project a bit ahead of schedule and so the first plugin will be presented earlier than expected within a week or so from the time this post goes live.

Also, following Google’s requirements and restrictions, Mass is building several plugins, each one being dedicated to a single purpose, e.g. ad blocking, payments management, personal profile development, and so on.

My involvement in Mass does not mean Mycelium technologies will have any predetermined preferences compared to any other solutions that can add value to the payment system Mass needs to incorporate. But, of course, I will use all my expertise and connections to improve Mass for those involved directly as well as for the bitcoin community at large.

Let me also clarify that this acquisition will not affect the rules set for the ICO or any other Mass directive. It can not and will not interfere with the infrastructure set for the Mass Coin emission.

Finally, I am sure that my direct involvement will help Mass to achieve what it was conceived as: a tool to make everyone’s internet experience cleaner, fairer, and more efficient.


Alexander Kuzmin

Mass Network | CEO



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